Top EHR Software Trends Of 2022

Healthcare systems have embraced digital solutions, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare providers quickly adopted virtual Solutions to ensure that patients receive effective remote care. That called for Electronic Health Records (EHR) to be more computerized so that all medical providers can access the data. While straightforward and quick accessibility of EHR is vital, EHR […]

Medical Statistics Of 2021 That Will Shock You

Medical science is advancing at an unprecedented rate, and while this has tremendous benefits for the population, it also means that medical statistics of 2021 are pretty much anyone’s guess. Why do doctors use medical statistics? Medical statistics are used in medicine to help doctors make the most informed decisions about what treatment is best […]

How Clinics Can Leverage Technology To Improve Patient Engagement

here are many different ways that patients can use technologies to improve their healthcare experience. There are an increasing number of consumer-focused technologies for patient engagement, and with the help of these tools, patients can get ahead of their health care decisions. The use of mobile technology in healthcare has improved patient care outcomes by […]

Risks And Limitations Of EHR Software In 2021

Electronic health record (EHR) software plays an important part in the treatment system. EHR Software contains detailed data about the patients. The Electronic health record software contains information about the patient’s demographics, medical history, health problems, vital signs, laboratory, and radiological data, financial information, and allergies. EHR Software allows patient information to be shared between […]

Meet Our Inspiring Innovators: Dr. Mehran Armanfar, CEO

Although the business community focus is usually companies, pitches, and valuations, we at Patient Scheduler think it would be interesting to spotlight our people behind the innovation. Mehran is an experienced neurosurgeon with +24 years of demonstrated history of success in the medical practice, microsurgery, healthcare, medicine & patient safety. After a bit more than […]

Meet Our Founders – CFO, Hoshmand Babaei

Hoshmand Babaei is one of the most successful managers in the field of finance and auditing. He has a bachelor’s degree in industrial management, numerous professional degrees in this field, and thirty years of valuable experience and expertise in the field of finance. He has a background in financial management and auditing in companies and […]

Eight Requirements That You Need For Starting A Health Startup

One of the direct contrasts between startup advancement and various organizations is the lower way. There are numerous suspicions to begin a health startup that should be bit by bit transformed into information. Before that, distinguish and decide the beginning stage theories. Firing a beginning up in the field of wellbeing is somewhat more intricate […]

Meet Our CTO, Sattar Gheiratmand


It is expected for any successful team to have a professional member with special abilities like Dr. Sattar Gheiratmand. He has a Ph.D in Finance, and MBA. He has studied IT in two different fields and at two different universities. High experience and education in the field of technology and financial management as well as […]