Top EHR Software Trends Of 2022

Top EHR Software Trends Of 2022

Healthcare systems have embraced digital solutions, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare providers quickly adopted virtual Solutions to ensure that patients receive effective remote care. That called for Electronic Health Records (EHR) to be more computerized so that all medical providers can access the data.

While straightforward and quick accessibility of EHR is vital, EHR Software also improved to avoid patient data breaches. Software companies adopted a safe and effective way to streamline workflows so that patients can receive exceptional care. The approach led to Medical IT Trends. Here are top EHR Software trends to watch in 2022;

The use of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications

Improved AI is becoming the order of the day in EHR systems. It’s one of the Medical IT Trends that will dominate this year. These advanced AI are improving efficiency, enhancing productivity, and automating tasks. Now, healthcare providers use AI in documentation to ensure all information is correct and up to date.

The process helps the clinicians to make informed decisions on the patient since all the information is readily available. With the advanced AI, there is a reduction in confusion which brings malpractices and misdiagnosis in patients. This trend is not stopping soon since it facilitates quality care and safety for patients.

Big Data And Analytics To Provide Quality Care

Healthcare practitioners are using new tools to evaluate and arrange big data. The process helps to organize and analyze data to improve healthcare practices. With the help of analytics engines, the big data is interpreted to help nurses and doctors provide informed care to patients. These analytics acts as a guideline for healthcare to execute clinical mandate effectively

Increase In Remote Patient Monitoring

At-home care is a trend that is becoming a norm, especially when the world is trying to stabilize from the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a trend helping patients reduce costs while still improving overall patient care. Many patients opt to get specialized care from the comfort of their homes instead of staying in a healthcare facility.

With devices enabled with EHR Software, healthcare providers are helping patients recover effectively. These systems give relevant data regarding the recovery of the patients. Consequently, these devices assist patients in taking the proper medication at the right time.

Internet Of Medical Things

Internet is helping EHR systems to provide effective solutions that are helping improve patient care. With the influence of the 5G network, the speed is helping healthcare practitioners to provide quality care. Clinicians are incorporating this internet-enabled EHR Software to provide quick healthcare solutions. Even though the internet is not new in the medical industry, its application will increase this year.

Better Patient Access

Healthcare providers have been struggling to arrange, keep, and secure electronic health records effectively in the recent past. With the need to secure patients’ data and provide personalized care to patients with different health needs, the healthcare industry has improved on this practice.

Now it’s easier to access medical records, which help patients and their healthcare providers make an informed decision in the treatment journey. In addition, with advanced EHR software, access to patient information is becoming efficient, helping create trust between clinicians and patients.

Personalized Care Coordination With Hybrid Telehealth

The practice calls for integrating information to meet patients’ specific needs. Telehealth is helping healthcare providers connect with patients in all settings. It’s one of the Medical IT Trends where healthcare practitioners provide personalized care coordination across different environments. The best thing is that Telehealth is bridging the gap between healthcare systems and patients.

Improved Tactics To Prevent Data Breaches

Over the past years, the data breach has increased dramatically and peaked during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. These cyber security issues affect thousands of people in the US, where hackers use the information to impersonate the patient or ask for money. Due to data breaches, data protection is now a priority in any healthcare facility.

It’s becoming one of the significant Medical IT Trends where healthcare providers and the government are joining hands to eliminate the problem. As a result, HIPAA regulates all healthcare institutions to ensure that all healthcare institutions follow data protection protocols to the latter.

Predictive Diagnosis By The Use Of Genomics

The cost of sequencing and testing decreases thanks to the easier access to genomics information drastically. Patients are now better positioned to evaluate possible risks on various diseases. The approach is helping healthcare practitioners provide predictive diagnoses which are helping treat severe health conditions.

It’s one of the essential Medical IT Trends that are growing drastically. Moreover, medical researchers are using genomics to develop appropriate interventions and medications. All these drivers connect and integrate data into EHR to provide quality care to patients.

Increase In The Use Of Smart Autonomous Devices

Smart autonomous devices are helping in managing chores that are even risky for health practitioners. For example, nursing robots protect human employees from greeting infectious diseases such as COVID-19. Furthermore, these devices help evaluate a patient’s conditions and alert doctors and nurses that a particular patient requires immediate assistance. It’s one of the significant Medical IT Trends that will dominate this year, especially when the world is trying to eradicate the mutated COVID-19 Omicron.

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Electronic Health Records (EHR) help medical practitioners provide quality care to patients. In 2022, there are EHR Software trends that are dominating the health industry. These trends include applying advanced AI, big data analytics, Hybrid Telehealth, predictive diagnosis, data breach prevention, and Smart autonomous devices. These Medical IT Trends are the top medical approaches to watch this year and in the coming future.



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Top EHR Software Trends Of 2022

Healthcare systems have embraced digital solutions, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare providers quickly adopted virtual Solutions to ensure that patients receive effective remote care.