Meet Our Founders – CFO, Hoshmand Babaei

Meet Our Founders – CFO, Hoshmand Babaei

Hoshmand Babaei is one of the most successful managers in the field of finance and auditing. He has a bachelor’s degree in industrial management, numerous professional degrees in this field, and thirty years of valuable experience and expertise in the field of finance. He has a background in financial management and auditing in companies and institutions and he is the CEO and member of the board of directors of professional financial institutions. His salient features are leadership and control skills and communication and training skills. Therefore, the companies that use his expertise and consultation have made significant and successful achievements in the financial field; because he always believes: It does not matter where your idea comes from, it is important to believe in it and want to put it into practice.

meet our cfo
1- What is your background and how did you get involved with Patient Scheduler?

At first, I have to thank you for the time you put me at my disposal, I am Hoshmand Babaei and I have about 30 years of professional history in the fields of finance, including auditing, financial management, accounting, design of financial and industrial systems, systems analysis, and analysis of financial data and etc.

I have ICPA degree that it is the highest degree of professional finance in Iran, in addition to professional degrees in professional and professional associations and audits of IICA, IAA, IMMA, and IAIA.

It is to be mentioned that in the course of analyzing the risks of hospitals and clinics, I had noted the risks including their earnings risks, which reduced their incomes and in some cases resulted in loss of annual revenues and declining profits at the end of the fiscal year.

Due to the time being spent for the physical access of patients and physicians to medical cases and date of appointment for visiting doctors, a waste of time of patients and thus reducing the number of visits for physicians was inevitable.

In this regard, I discussed the matter with one of the physicians and medical professionals of the country’s medical community, Dr Arman Far, who happened to take the risk of identifying the risk, and we were planning and operating with the rest of friends the start – up the patient scheduler project.

2- What are your responsibilities as the CFO at Patient scheduler?

As a financial manager, I have a variety of tasks. In my opinion, each of us must pay attention to the synergy of professionalism in the startup project, and it is based on these principles that we can achieve our leadership goals.

Of course, the separation of duties is one of the main pillars in companies. My responsibilities at PatientScheduler are related to the management of financial aspects of the company, determining short-term, medium-term, and long-term financing, control of financial and liquidity resources, identifying financial risks, providing financial reports to banks and organizations associated with the company and, contributing to managing the company’s contracts.

3- Who are your customers and how do you use technology to create value for them?

Because the company’s activity is a specialized activity in the medical line and clinic, most of our clients will be physicians, especially family physicians, hospitals, clinics, and patients.

With regard to the designed software for this activity, we can help our customers save time and the loss of financial resources and income. Also, the startup technology helps physicians always and permanently access the information and medical record of their patients at any time and place.

This becomes more important when the global community has severe restrictions on patients’ visits to the medical center due to the outbreak of the Covid 19 disease. This can be easily implemented according to programs designed by our expert colleagues to ease patients ‘ association with family physicians and vice versa.

4- Which processes are you helping your customers automate with your services at Patient Scheduler?

First, our team is aware of the right opportunities and because we have professional expertise and good experience in the field, our focus is on the simultaneous use of skills and experiences to reach the best professional position.

Our team is working together to provide the most relevant services to customers and create a brighter future for them including:

  • Create an increase in the level of information security in digital form.
  • Provide access to patient records by physicians.
  • Prevent waste of time from patients.
  • Promote the income of clinics and hospitals by means of new data and technology.
  • Delete common paper steps at medical centers.
5- What are the biggest challenges that you are facing at the business?

Since my expertise in the company is financial, my opinion in this regard will also be related to the financial challenges. It seems to me that the most important criteria for continuing to operate will be to keep existing customers and create value to continue working with them because it costs less comparing to the cost for building new customers. Other challenges in the business are to keep the chain of customers, managing expenses and revenues, managing debts and cash flows, maintaining and increasing existing capacities in sales and providing financial resources for increasing human resources and creating jobs, which is one of the most important goals of this collection.

6- What inspires you about working with technology and healthcare space?

Our team welcomes the opportunity to let us have a big impact on society and to help others, especially during a global pandemic and we always want to grow professionally. Since our activity is a new activity in health and healthcare, it will be implemented through new processes and technology. This will further enhance our motivation, which we know will also have a competitive advantage.

This technology in the healthcare environment will be able to influence even the behavior and culture of its users in a society. In general, such services can provide a double incentive for us to serve as a team in PatientScheduler and we hope to provide more services to the society in the future.



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