Risks And Limitations Of EHR Software In 2021

Risks And Limitations Of EHR Software In 2021

Electronic health record (EHR) software plays an important part in the treatment system. EHR Software contains detailed data about the patients. The Electronic health record software contains information about the patient’s demographics, medical history, health problems, vital signs, laboratory, and radiological data, financial information, and allergies.

EHR Software allows patient information to be shared between a group of physicians, medical professionals, etc., which may increase the accuracy and precision in diagnosing and treating patients but it can lead to revealing of your medical history. Well-known examples of Electronic health record software are CureMD and IO Practiceware.

In contrast, Creating and applying EHR software in 2021 has some limitations. To mention these risks and limitations of software it should be said that Electronic health record software in 2021 has hardware and software costs. The cost is the main reason that medical centers, including hospitals and clinics, resist using EHR Software. These costs include:

  • The software support costs, including upgrades and updates.
  • Hardware costs such as server purchases.

General EHR systems usually do not fulfill the needs of a hospital that provides services for a particular disease, and these centers usually require EHR Software based on their needs. So a hospital for heart patients offers vascular services.

Another limitation of Electronic health record software is the lack of employee involvement. The hospital staff should be trained to use this software. The hospital staff should be motivated enough to use the software effectively.

risks of EHR software
Risks and Limitations of EHR Software in 2021

Working with EHR Software has become increasingly difficult for physicians and it is time-consuming. Working with Electronic health record software leads to the physical and mental exhaustion of physicians. The main reason is the complexities of using Electronic health record software. Besides, the physician has to spend a lot of time entering information into EHR Software.

Most of the time, patients’ electronic records cannot be shared in different software. This means that the difficult and time-consuming process of entering data must be repeated in each hospital. So it is the most important limitation of this software. Working with electronic health record software can be tiring for physicians because it takes 45 minutes to enter or change the data of a patient. This clearly shows how necessary it is to make changes to the electronic health record and to simplify the operation of this software.

The risk of cyber-attacks can cause patients and disclosure of personal information such as name, address, medical history, and so cybersecurity is a major challenge for EHR Software.



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