Meet Our Inspiring Innovators: Dr. Mehran Armanfar, CEO

Meet Our Inspiring Innovators: Dr. Mehran Armanfar, CEO

Although the business community focus is usually companies, pitches, and valuations, we at Patient Scheduler think it would be interesting to spotlight our people behind the innovation.

Mehran is an experienced neurosurgeon with +24 years of demonstrated history of success in the medical practice, microsurgery, healthcare, medicine & patient safety. After a bit more than two decades of working as a healthcare professional, he wanted a new challenge to get out of his comfort zone again. Developing effective digital-health solutions became his new aspiration and led him to Patient Scheduler idea, a Digital Health Platform which provides patients with the ability to easily book their appointment on their phone, collect their personal health information and have access to it anytime and from anywhere.

meet our ceo
1- What is your story, how did you become an innovator in healthcare?

I am a neurosurgeon based in Iran and have been in direct contact with patients in the governmental and private sector for more than 23 years. I have seen how difficult it was for them to book an appointment from their doctors and access their medical records. So I have come up with the idea to create a platform by which patients can make medical appointment and simultaneously have access to medical records from their physicians via internet.

2- What are your responsibilities as the CEO of Patient scheduler?

As the CEO of Patient Scheduler I am responsible for developing all strategies and making major corporate decisions, coordinating activities, managing the overall operations and resources, presenting our company to the world and coordinating responsibilities and tasks of other members of our team.

3- Looking more broadly, what are the biggest challenges you see for Patient Scheduler?

One of the biggest challenges I can think of, is convincing family doctors to use this platform.

As everybody knows, doctors have a very busy schedules and it’s very difficult for them to engage in new activities such as learning new technological advances and mastering a computer software. So it’s very essential for us to convince them to cooperate with us. The other challenge that we are facing is our rival companies. It’s very important to devise a plan that is simple to use and more effective, without adding any financial burden.

4- In your opinion, what is the most important value that you create for your customers using technology?

Patients are our main customers, but family doctors are the main sources of accessing them. By using Patient Scheduler platform our company helps them to get their appointments while saving their time and money. Moreover, they can access their healthcare information as easily as possible. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that the confidentiality of the patients’ information on our platform is guaranteed.

“how to book an appointment from my doctor and simultaneously access my medical record without going through the hassle involving going to clinic?”

We are proud to present our platform, Patient Scheduler, that through it patients can make appointments online while having the privilege of reaching out their medical record as easily as possible by their own cell phone.

Patient scheduler is a simple solution for everybody. Its simplicity and user-friendliness allow everyone to use it wherever and whenever possible. There is no need to worry about confidentiality of medical records because it is guaranteed by our company and no one else could reach out to data accept the patients themselves.

From doctor’s points of view also it offers no-cost and there is no need to learn or do more than your usual daily routine.

Patient Scheduler offers a substantial advantage of saving time and resources by helping front scheduling appointment during the working hours, and withdraw them from engaging in answering telephone calls from the patients who want to make appointments, and also having more time to deal with patients.



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